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Advice vs. Criticism

Quite often clients and potential clients, and those who are entering the field of music PR, ask for my advice. Without fail, 99% of the time there are reasons and excuses (mostly the latter) why the advice they’ve solicited won’t work. … Continue reading

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Thirty Years After — Part 19: Flotsam and Jetsam

There are plenty of little things that happened over the first 30 years of my career in music. None of them are a huge deal, so as they float to the surface I’ll post them here and hope they are … Continue reading

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Five Long Term Music Industry Predictions (And How Disney Will Rule The World)

Originally posted on Music Industry Blog:
The new year is typically a time for predictions for the year. But at the midway point of the decade, rather than do some short term predictions I think this is a good time…

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Baby, I’m Amazed

Today, an article from The Atlantic changed the world. No, umm, yes,  it really changed the world as it appears to most people who live on this planet. Noah Berlatsky is saying Paul McCartney is irrelevant. P A U L  Mc C A R T … Continue reading

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Thirty Years After — Part 18: Closed Mondays

              In the mid 1970s the animated short “Closed Mondays” rocked art and film circles around the globe, winning the 1975 Oscar for Best Animated Short. The medium is clay animation, while its premise … Continue reading

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