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The Winner’s Circle

Much like the advertising world, the world of music is much more interested in what awards it has to offer and who wins. If music were more important than awards do you think we might hear better music? Music is … Continue reading

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Millennials vs. The Cultural Creatives: They’re One in the Same, But Do You Really Know Them?

There’s a huge misnomer and gap marketers are missing when devising strategies to reach the Millennials everyone seems so urgent to reach. These are the children, and perhaps grandchildren in some cases, of the Cultural Creatives. The idea and profile … Continue reading

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30 Years After — Part 14: A Loose List of Facts for History’s Most-Recorded Rock Song

In 2007, music historian, Peter Blecha documented, that simple little 3-chord ditty, “Louie, Louie” had surpassed Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday” as the most-recorded rock song in history. Richard Berry wrote “Louie, Louie” backstage while waiting to perform at the Harmony Club … Continue reading

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30 Years After — Part 13: What Do John Kerry and The Fabulous Wailers Have in Common?

[Over the span of three decades, once in a while you can forget the sequence of certain unforgettable events. The summer of 2004 was a doozy and I lost track of which year it occurred.] In early August 2004 a … Continue reading

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