Keeping The Blues Alive — Volume 3

Keeping The Blues Alive — Volume Three

Produced by: Mary4Music

Mary Roby and Peter Lauro

The beauty of the blues should be worn like a badge of honor by every musician in every corner of the globe as most contemporary music is impermeably tied to the roots of this traditional American art form. As the saying goes, “If you don’t know the blues, you don’t know music.” Bringing people together under the umbrella of letting the good times roll, the legacy dictates many old school ideals.


Mary Roby and Peter Lauro at  have produced their third sampler of blues singles objectively hand-picked for wider appreciation and spreading the gospel from some of the best independent blues artists right now. It isn’t important that you may not recognize every artist’s name. What they have to say, and how it makes you feel is the point in keeping the blues alive.


Nine of the ten cuts represented on Keeping The Blues Alive – Volume Three are uptempo, in the pocket grooves showcasing traditional and contemporary styles and instrumentation. From the influence of Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker, to the harmonica’s head shaking color, to cajun zydeco themes, this CD cuts a wide swath of hip swayin’ beats meant to fill the hole in your soul.


From “Pickin’ In High Cotton” to “Naughty Girl” broadcasters have a rich palette of radio ready cuts to select from. “Louisiana Country Girl” and “I Hear My Mama’s Voice” are the top two choices for the sake of review as they hold so true to the core of what the blues mean universally. But each of these songs has a poignant point to make and will appeal to a broad range of tastes.


Taking on the full ride of the blues is an emotional rollercoaster most appreciated by those who’ve done a good deal of livin’. A heaping dose of this humble, feel your oats style music is like the last laugh goin’ down. It’s real. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. Mainstream radio stretching to include loose threads of the blues can’t hold a candle to the real thing — the true roots of every single tune broadcast over the airwaves.


Don’t you love the sound of the last laugh in the end?


“Pickin’ In High Cotton” – Memphis Gold

“I Hear Mama’s Voice” – Bobby BlackHat Walters

“My Guitar’s My Only Friend” – James Buddy Rogers

“Let’s Not Fight, Let’s Make Some Love” – Joel DaSilva & The Midnight Howl

“Flyin’ Blind” – The Doc Robin Band

“What More?” – Georgie Bonds

“Ease My Mind” – The Cazanovas

“Talk To Me” – Hip Shakin Mama and the Too Damn Pretty

“Louisiana Country Girl” – Donald Ray Johnson

“Naughty Girl” Octavia Blues Band



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