Loose Hinges Sets Their Stage For The Chronically Hip

Nashville is popping out all over with new styles of music on the indie scene. If Americana, roots, and country have you yawning for something a bit more upbeat and prolific, the indie pop/rock group Loose Hinges needs to be at the top of your list in the “must go see this group” category.

The duo of Eliot Houser and Kris McCarthy-Houser was rounded out with Ron Gomez on double bass, Jack Boucher on cajon, and noted Nashville blues guitarist, Tom Whisenhunt during a one-hour set out in Whites Creek just down the road a piece from Fontanella on July 13 at Ri’chard’s New Orleans Cafe. Playing to a packed house, a very appreciative crowd heard a set list that included well-crafted tunes delivered with an authenticity that shows the McCarthy-Housers aren’t into music for the glory of being onstage.  They’re in it because they dig music. It’s just that simple.

“Hey. “I Just Called to Say, Hey,” is a clever slice of everyday life; “The Girl Who Loved to Fall in Love,” is idyllic and fun; while “Nothing’s Permanent,” gets you thinking about this universal truth in ways you realize radio’s chart-topping repetitive rubbish can’t begin to fathom artistically.

“Reno to Ruin,” “Yesterday’s Girl,” and “Say It” draw you in just a little bit closer to hear what the duo will say next. Then  outta thin air a polka titled, “Mrs. Lackey,” sits you up straight while you try not to smirk at its quirkiness.

For good measure Loose Hinges threw in a few country tunes a core group of this audience got down with.  With titles like, ‘Trailer Trash,” “1/5th at a Time,” and “Drinking Bout You” there’s just a twinge of irony slurring the genre, but then, Nashville’s a drinking town with a music problem Loose Hinges won’t close the door on.

This groups’ strength lies in parsing out thin strips of life’s universal stories and sketching out unpredictable motives. Colorful contemporary vignettes in broad strokes are infinitely more effective in the art of song writing than rehashing minutia to a story everyone’s heard a million times before. If ever there was a place to illustrate that all of life’s a stage, it’s Nashville. Loose Hinges sets their stage for the chronically hip. And really, who among us isn’t?


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