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More Intimate Than Lilith Fair, Ladies Rise Up and Rock is Women in Motion

Ladies Rise Up and Rock in San Francisco: There’s a Whole Generation With a New Explanation NASHVILLE, TN — January 31, 2013  Ladies Rise Up and Rock is women in motion. Three amazing styles of rock will explode the stage … Continue reading

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Leadership: Take Responsibility Forget the Blame Assignment

Regardless of the sector your music fits into — songwriters want publishing deals, recording artists want press and radio airplay, composers want placement in television and film — you have to accept responsibility for the outcome of what happens with … Continue reading

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Everyone Likes to Follow A Leader

Over the next few weeks, this blog will focus on building community and leadership. All too often I find musicians who want to jump on someone else’s bandwagon, when in reality, they’ve got their own wagon in need of a … Continue reading

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Blake Shelton’s Misguided Saving Grace

Dang. I’m here to tell ya Blake Shelton kicked up one heck of dust storm once people actually saw the GACTV interview originally posted to YouTube December 22. A full month went by before the proverbial stuff hit the fan. Proverbial meaning … Continue reading

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In Support of Blake Shelton: Man, It’s Crisis Management Time

Oh me. The country music blogs and columns are on fire after an interview Blake Shelton gave telling “the old farts they buy don’t music anymore, the kids do.” He also had a George W. Bush cockiness saying he’s now … Continue reading

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Networking: It’s Not Who You Are, It’s All About Who You Know

If you’ve ever been the new kid at school, you know that you always seem to meet the trouble makers first. Not so difficult to figure out they are on the outs with the people who make positive things happen. … Continue reading

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Reader Appreciation Day

So I had planned to discuss some current stories about music in the news today, and wouldn’t you know, the cold I’ve been nursing all week turned into one giant mess. I feel like my whole body is a nose. … Continue reading

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