The Velvet Lining in Failing

There’s been a lot of rhetoric over the past couple years about failing. As if failing means you get a feather in your cap somehow. Honestly, I never understood this concept.

Growing up in an era where succeeding meant everything; how is it that failing can be valuable? Failure is like the end of the world isn’t it?

Aside from my work, I also love to cook. Quite often I add new recipes to the repertoire and give them a test run. If there’s potential for the new dish, we put it through “development.” Cooking is like music where subtle layers of flavor end up being something you can’t live without.

It occurred to me that taking a risk on a Sunday night dinner way off the norm didn’t sound that risky. But. I had to alter many things in the recipe, so the risk at least doubled.

Taste tests just ahead of the final step in the dish were amazing. The rough version was already a hit. The final step at the recipe’s direction kinda killed it though. And there was a failure. It was  minor, but a failure nonetheless.

The first taste tests were tremendous. I have tasters in the house, who know by now this is their job. They told me it was perfect just as it was, but I didn’t listen.

Not listening to others is an artistic choice. One you should learn from. I guess this is where the rhetoric about failure comes in.  Failure means that if it’s really important to you, you’ll figure out a way to make something better… on the layers of development and arrive at that sweet spot every time thereafter.

Velvet Corn SoupPhoto credit: John Kernick

Velvet Corn Soup
Photo credit: John Kernick

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