Cupla Answers the Question to Bullying: Who Will Stand Up For Me?

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“My Stand” by British Columbia Rock Group, Cupla Answers the Question to Bullying: Who Will Stand Up for Me?

(Nashville, TN – July 17) “My Stand” a single by British Columbia rock group Cupla is on sale worldwide today in all digital retail outlets including Amazon and iTunes.

Typically this is not a newsworthy item. Yet, “My Stand” provides a solution to a worldwide problem that often ends with tragic results. Fifty percent of all proceeds from the sale of “My Stand” will go the United Way Anti-Bullying/Student Protection Program.

Bullying has reached epidemic proportion especially around public school settings.  Statistics show:

  • 25%  or one in four children are bullied
  • 77%  of all students are bullied
  • 282,000 teens and tweens are attacked each month
  • 85% of those who see bullying or know about it do nothing

These are staggering numbers among groups of children who are ill-equipped to deal with behavior many carry scars from for the rest of their lives. Recent news stories tell how desperate so many children become due to the effect of bullying and end their lives as a result. It’s a senseless situation parents and school administrators struggle with as children fear further retribution if a situation is brought to their attention.

Bullying is a learned behavior used as a form of power to belittle, and ridicule others for no apparent reason other than the act itself. This is  a huge indictment on our global society no matter what our ages.

Education thus far hasn’t worked, therefore Cupla created this piece of music as a universal message. Children of all ages globally gravitate toward music as a way to sort out emotions.

Cupla [koop-luh] is the Irish word for twin. Twin brothers, Bobby and Bill McAloney along with the frontwoman of the group, Tricia McAloney, are the driving force behind “My Stand.” Bobby saw a trailer of the Weinstein Company documentary by Lee Hirsch titled, “Bully.” So emotional over a scene where an 11-year old boy hung himself, Bobby immediately wrote the music to “My Stand” which he says just poured out of him.

Within a few weeks of the music and lyrics being completed, Cupla raised enough money from friends and family to travel from their home near Vancouver, B.C. to Seattle and record with Grammy award-winning producer, Eric Tingstad.

Thereafter, Cupla continued working collecting photos from around the world from fans which are included in the promo video of “My Stand.”

Then in the midst of mixing, mastering, and promoting they lined up a charity to receive 50% of the song’s net sales. The McAloneys are working directly  with United Way of the Lower Mainland in Vancouver.

“My Stand” is a moving, edgy, and soaring tune that will appeal to people of any age across all borders and boundaries. For continued information and contact with Cupla, follow them on Twitter  or on Facebook.

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