The word assume has too many funny cliches attached to it to use for this post, so presume is the word of choice.

Presuming is to assume with expectation and confidence, but without evidence.

It’s a big mistake to presume anyone you want to reach in business can or will:

Accept a text message

Listen to music on every conceivable platform out there

Take a screenshot

Answer a call before business hours

Attend a business meeting well beyond business hours

Open any number of file styles you may send

Wait indefinitely until you make a decision

It’s really a mistake to presume much of anything, but when it comes to good manners, common sense and techie stuff, it’s in your best interest not to.



About scout66

2017 marks the 33rd year of Janet Hansen’s career as a music marketing specialist. With three Grammy award-winning campaigns to her credit, Hansen has also contributed to the legacy of two of history’s most popular songs. “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams is the most-broadcast instrumental tune in history; and “Louie, Louie” by The Fabulous Wailers is the most-recorded rock song in history. In 2009 Hansen launched the unique music platform Scout66 to encourage reviews of live shows from the ticket-buying public. You may contact Janet at for information on consulting, campaigns, and tour support. Please follow us on Twitter at
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2 Responses to Presuming

  1. Laurentiius says:

    That’s great Janet ! I’ve learnt something new. But, I always knew U R a winner ! Congrats ! U deserve the best ! PS I saw your post on Sergio’s papper ▸ ツ


    • scout66com says:

      Thanks for reading, dear, L! Cool that the post appeared in Sergio’s li.paper. I think I caught a glimpse earlier, just brushing past everything on a busy day. Thanks mostly, for your dear heart and kind words which mean so much to me!


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