SixGun Studios: #MM Feature

The Attributes of an Artist

Any artist in any medium would be blessed to have just one or two of these attributes: An exceptionally good ear for music. A keen awareness for images that speak.  A quick wit. Razor-sharp writing couched in uncanny wisdom.  Sensitive story telling in exceptional songwriting.  A business acumen for a return on artistic achievement.

Mark Twain, Dorothea Lange, Harper Lee, Ansel Adams, Ken Burns, Pete Seeger, and Woody Guthrie represent American history with such artistic integrity the relevance of their work will live on for centuries. Each focused on a craft capturing irretrievable moments with an intensity of the age they lived in.  People around the world knew their names even when the fastest form of communication was The Pony Express, Morse Code, or maybe a rotary telephone. We can only imagine what magnitude their work may have reached in an era that literally travels at the speed of light.

Witness now, the rising star in Charlie Stout of SixGun Studios. He has an innate artistic eloquence like no one I’ve ever seen. My first encounter with Charlie’s work was through his photography. This photo left me breathless:

© Charlie Stout

This is just one example of photography so up close and personal, it makes you feel like being there. Ambition doesn’t really cover how hard Charlie drives himself in his pursuit of excellence. Four times each year he goes on a self-funded road trip across Route 60 to photograph not only the sites, but the change of seasons in regions near and dear to him. Countless images can be seen here In concert with his other professional efforts, I would say in a word, Charlie exemplifies Americana.

In photography’s sister format he possesses an ability to  film live music capturing the “coolest moments” with amazing clarity much like extraordinary music producers who listen for the best notes musicians play. He’s armed with an ability to capture pure essence using technology to enhance, rather than embellish or obfuscate truth.

Now, it’s not his fault I cannot get off first base to embed this incredible video Charlie recently produced through his company,  But I’m telling you straight up, if you want amazing videos to enhance a music career, Charlie is the guy to call. This particular video is from No Justice on Carved Records, and was picked up by CMT. The visual clarity is stunning.

Recently, I was blown away watching a video clip with Charlie performing an original tune, Front Porch Swing, he’ll release among about a dozen songs. For more information, please visit . His song writing ability goes beyond a depth of universally poignant stories. Beauty is something he immediately recognizes, but it’s a tender cognizance of the bitter sweet that will make you weep.

What many artists fail to understand is that true art appeals to all the senses. To accomplish this there can be no compromise. Art comes in many forms, but above all it must represent the truth. To manage and convey truth in so many mediums is such a rarity, once you have witnessed true artistry, you’ll never forget it.


© Charlie Stout


About scout66

2017 marks the 33rd year of Janet Hansen’s career as a music marketing specialist. With three Grammy award-winning campaigns to her credit, Hansen has also contributed to the legacy of two of history’s most popular songs. “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams is the most-broadcast instrumental tune in history; and “Louie, Louie” by The Fabulous Wailers is the most-recorded rock song in history. In 2009 Hansen launched the unique music platform Scout66 to encourage reviews of live shows from the ticket-buying public. You may contact Janet at for information on consulting, campaigns, and tour support. Please follow us on Twitter at
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