Clipping Coupons for Music: Part One

 Somewhere over the past several days I read that an indie record label is kicking off a major promotion giving out coupons for free music downloads at a local coffee house. Really? We’re clipping coupons or giving them out in exchange for free music. Indignation was the fuel that set my hair on fire, and I became what can only be described as a raving bitch.

This strategy is devaluing music in unspeakable ways. Self-incrimination is the only thing stopping me from filling this post full of four-letter words and finger pointing, leaving little doubt which finger I intend to use. It’s not the first time this company in utter arrogance has infuriated me to no end.  But why should it matter?

Shouldn’t I be content to sit back in my office of nearly 30 years and gloat over complete idiocy?

No. This is my profession.  I am tired of people bastardizing music as an art form.

Can you imagine the look on Beethoven’s face if someone handed him a coupon in exchange for a cup of coffee to listen to a sonata?

We should all give that some thought.


About scout66

2017 marks the 33rd year of Janet Hansen’s career as a music marketing specialist. With three Grammy award-winning campaigns to her credit, Hansen has also contributed to the legacy of two of history’s most popular songs. “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams is the most-broadcast instrumental tune in history; and “Louie, Louie” by The Fabulous Wailers is the most-recorded rock song in history. In 2009 Hansen launched the unique music platform Scout66 to encourage reviews of live shows from the ticket-buying public. You may contact Janet at for information on consulting, campaigns, and tour support. Please follow us on Twitter at
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One Response to Clipping Coupons for Music: Part One

  1. Whew! I thought this was gonna be all for coupons AND THEN I WAS GONNA BE A RAVING @#$%! Good to see you are thinking along the same lines. 🙂


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