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Oh Poppycock!

In the politically embedded television series, Boston Legal, the crotchety Judge Robert Sanders, played by Shelley Berman, was quite reverent for yelling out in courtroom settings, “Oh, poppycock!” What a statement! He could say the obvious without being crude or vulgar and he certainly made his point … Continue reading

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Updated April 9, 2012:  This is one of the most well-read posts on Scout66. However, the idea is not being used by artists. Perhaps because Scout 66 is a grassroots effort, and not a hugely funded platform like ReverbNation which … Continue reading

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From The Artist’s Perspective: The Music Industry As I See It

THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AS I SEE IT Colin MacDonald In a world where everyone knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing, the accountant is king. Here everything is for sale, and maximizing profits is an axiom which … Continue reading

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Would Lady Gaga Be As Successful If…

… she dressed and behaved like other 24-year old women? Would you listen to her music if she was less controversial showing up on stage in sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt? Lady G is who she is, and unapologetically so. It … Continue reading

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