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No. 1 Reason People Aren’t Attending Live Shows

The No. 1 reason people aren’t attending live shows, according to talking tech heads, is people don’t know about live shows. This is utter nonsense! Since when do software developers and techies know infinitely more about the business of music … Continue reading

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Music Monday Feature: Con Brio Public Relations

The roles of music publishers and music publicists are often confused; one for the other. So I thought I’d feature my company, Con Brio Public Relations, this week so you have a side-by-side comparison of the two services serious musicians … Continue reading

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Every Picture Tells A Story

If a picture is worth 1,000 words a really great photo is priceless! We encourage any and all of you to submit links of great photos of live shows in with your written reviews to Inasmuch as words can express … Continue reading

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Can You Believe Everything Soundscan Says?

For decades music industry talking heads have done everything in their power to let the world know this industry is on its death bed. When television took over radio…music was dying. When 8 track tapes were all the rage…music was dying. When CDs emerged victorious over cassettes and LPs…music … Continue reading

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Cream and Sugar With Your Coffee?

One of the most nagging problems within this thing we call music, is the absolute refusal to spend money on services that guide careers up the ladder toward success, one rung at a time.  It truly does take a village of qualified, … Continue reading

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Music Monday

To celebrate Music Mondays Scout will begin featuring a variety of folks in the music industry, most of whom work behind the scenes. These very important people are rarely featured anywhere yet they are highly sought after and their contributions are … Continue reading

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What’s Your Net Worth On Paper

What does your music mean to your fans? Continue reading

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